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In consideration described in this agreement, I hereby Release and Wave and claim against WACC, also agree to Indemnify and Hold Harmless, their present and former officers, directors, members, staff and agents for damages or injuries, and agree not to sue the WACC and any other person, firm, or corporation bound to defend or pay judgements against them, for any and all losses, claims, demands, or causes of actions, costs of defense or settlement, including bodily injury or death caused by Negligence, Gross Negligence, Per Se Liability and / or Liability. I further agree that the WACC shall not be liable to me, my family, or my guest, for personal injury, property damage, or any other losses. I understand this Release and Indemnity Agreement shall be binding on my heirs, executors, successors, and assigns. This release agreement includes, but not limited to losses caused by any of the following: Negligence, Gross Negligence, Negligence Pe Se, and or Strict Liability, or WACC; acts under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) or acts of any other persons, guest, theft, burglary, assault, crimes, fire, water, wind, rain, smoke, and/or risks and hazards both wild and domestic that may be diseased and/or potentially dangerous, persons with firearms both on and off the Winnie-Stowell Park premises, and the driving or riding in any vehicles, whether belonging to WACC or other persons. To Indemnify means to agree to assume the liability in a situation thereby relieving the other party of responsibility. I grant permission to be photographed or interviewed in connection with WACC. Such photograph or interviews may be used for television, film, video, visual, graphic, or printed media to demonstrate the nature of the WACC and to further the aims of WACC. I have read and agree to the rules and regulation. By signing this form, I agree to follow those Rules and Regulations. I understand that failure to do so will disqualify my entry. I agree that this Release, Indemnify Agreement, Hold Harmless will be governed by the by laws of Texas, and that jurisdiction and venue for resolution of any dispute regarding this agreement shall lie in a Texas State Court in Chambers County, Texas. I agree to the terms and conditions above and acknowledge receipt of this agreement.

"Networking and reaching new customers is always a top priority. To that end, the Winnie Area Chamber is an invaluable tool for  local small business to continue to grow."

Debbie Breaux,Executive Director, Winnie Area Chamber of Commerce

"As a non-profit community pillar of arts and culture, we know that the Winnie Area Chamber is committed to helping us build relationships and promoting our mission to make theatre accessible to all."

Jane Doe, Executive Artistic Director, Spencer Community Theatre