Merchant Vendor Application

Please complete the application below to sign up for the Merchant Vendor List. You will receive a confirmation notice when your application has been received. Your application is NOT complete until payment is received.

Marsh Fest Merchant Vendor Application
Please list name of person who can be reached before & during event.
Please list phone number which can be answered before & during event.
Please remit payment to the chamber office.
I have read the MARSH FEST Merchant Booth Space Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them. I also agree to greet and provide professional service to all prospective customers and MARSH FEST guests. As a vendor, I agree to work with MARSH FEST officials and volunteers in a professional and positive manner. Exhibitors/vendors who exhibit unprofessional behavior or violate the MARSH FEST general rules will be asked to leave the festival.

"Networking and reaching new customers is always a top priority. To that end, the Winnie Area Chamber is an invaluable tool for  local small business to continue to grow."

Debbie Breaux,Executive Director, Winnie Area Chamber of Commerce

"As a non-profit community pillar of arts and culture, we know that the Winnie Area Chamber is committed to helping us build relationships and promoting our mission to make theatre accessible to all."

Jane Doe, Executive Artistic Director, Spencer Community Theatre