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Regular Membership

Individual Membership – $75
(Individual and/or nonprofit organization)

Business Membership – $100
(Business with less than 25 employees)

Business Membership – $200
(Business with 25 or more employees)

Membership with Marsh Fest Pledge

$10,000 – Diamond
$5,000 – Platinum
$2,500 – Gold
$1,250 – Silver
$750 – Bronze
$500 – Nickel
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Marsh Fest Pledges can be paid Quarterly. The pledges support Marsh Fest AND all activities brought to the local community by the Winnie Area Chamber of Commerce including Fireworks, Golf Tournament, Christmas in the Park and more.

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Note: Marsh Fest Pledges can be paid quarterly. These pledges will help sponsor the Trevor Lee Chesson Memorial Marsh Fest AND annual activities put on by the Winnie Area Chamber of Commerce throughout 2018 without other donations requested through the year.
Please include any suggestions you may have for Chamber activities.

Marsh Fest Tshirt Preorders have ended - You can find the shirts at the event March 2-4, 2018 Dismiss