Executive Officers

Brady Zieschang


Dustin Huff

1st Vice President

Frank Owens

2nd Vice President

Aimee Chesson


Board of Directors

Frankie Abalos

Darla Barrow

Cody Bauer

Shane Chesson

Suggie Daigle

Austen Gentz

Daphne Matthews

Autumn Morrell

Anthony Stramecki

Chaysen Wischnesky

Chamber Staff

Debbie Breaux

Executive Director

"Networking and reaching new customers is always our top priority. To that end, the Winnie Area Chamber is an invaluable tool for us, as a local small business. Thank you!"

Jon Doe, Owner, West O Beer

"As a non-profit community pillar of arts and culture, we know that the Winnie Area Chamber is committed to helping us build relationships and promoting our mission to make theatre accessible to all."

Jane Doe, Executive Artistic Director, Spencer Community Theatre